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Show the world with words

your courage, your strength, your youth.

For this is our hope.


The Poetry Initiative

Dry Leaf
Dry Leaf
Why poetry?

The writing of poetry is a form of reflective practice. It requires deep thought, attention to detail and an awareness of emotion.  Writing a poem is an act of mindfulness. Poetry teaches us about ourselves and about others. I like poetry because it is musical:  it has rhythm - a way of speaking that feels authentic and honest. 

In this fast paced, chaotic world, poetry can be a safe space to express thoughts and connect with the thoughts of others. 

This year, I will be launching a poetry initiative. It's a chance to enjoy life in the slow lane...think haiku on a typewriter. Watch this space (or enter your email below).


Workshops available for local high schools.

Thanks for submitting!

'Beautiful': submitted by: Year 8 student

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