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A Natural Girl

My favourite pastime is daydreaming. There is nothing more satisfying than being lost in thought, a million miles away.


My mind is a bit like an interesting coat. It is filled with all sorts of pockets. Each pocket grows bigger and changes its shape each year. I like to keep stories in these imaginary pockets. Some stories have lived with me for a long time. They give me a nudge when they feel ready to be told.

When I was in primary school, we had a golden Labrador. I liked to sit in the wind and watch my dog nuzzle the grass and chase dragonflies. I liked to watch snails and think about the world. Sometimes I liked to make mud pies with my friends. We built cubbies and playhouses, read books and wondered about the future. 

Years on, I'm still dreaming. Stories help us to do that. Stories help us to imagine what is possible. This fills me with endless hope and wonder. 

* * *

For those who like the details:

Emma worked with children in her role as a speech-language therapist for many years. However, a lifelong love of literature and the arts saw her to return to university where she studied film and literature (first class honours). She followed this with a Masters of Creative Writing. She is currently working towards a PhD (creative writing) and completing her first young adult novel.


Passionate about poetry and photography, Emma loves to work with children of all ages and hopes to inspire them to grow stories too.



 'The Great Book-Swapping Machine' (illustrated by Lisa Coutts)- October 2021. Produced in collaboration with the National Library of Australia.

Reading Time review can be found here:

'The Night of the Hiding Moon' (Illustrated by Sher Rill Ng) March 2020 - a poetic story about the power of the imagination.  

Teacher notes can be found here:

Dim's Write Stuff Review here: 

Reading Time Review here: 

'Digby and Claude' - CBCA Notable Book 2019 - (illustrated by Hannah Sommerville) produced in collaboration with  the National Library of Australia. 'Digby and Claude' is a thought provoking story about belonging and ideas of home.

Teacher notes can be found here:

Read Plus review can be found here:

‘Grandma, the baby and me’ (illustrated by Hannah Sommerville, Scholastic) chosen for the ABC Playschool curriculum. Features on the Playschool DVD series 'Faces and Feelings'.

Teacher notes can be found here:

‘My Friend Ernest’ (illustrated by Hannah Sommerville, Harper Collins, 2016)

Shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia awards. Also released in the United Kingdom. 

Teacher notes can be found here:

The Terrible Suitcase’ (illust. Freya Blackwood, Scholastic) CBCA Book of the Year (Early Childhood, 2013).

Shortlisted for the Western Australia Premier’s Literary Awards.

'The Terrible Suitcase' has now been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Teacher notes can be found here:

Emma's visual and written work has also been published in the international journal 'Westerly.




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