Fledglings story club


Did you know?

A fledgling is a young bird. It has hatched, has feathers and is learning to take flight. Life is very exciting for a fledgling as it begins to explore the world. A fledgling can grip a branch and flutter short distances. In the world of my imagination a fledgling is adventurous, energetic, curious and very brave.

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Take flight

In 2021 I had the privilege of reading many beautiful stories written by the youngest of school students via a homemade postbox at a local school. What a treasure trove that postbox was!

This year, I'm taking flight and expanding this initiative.


'Fledglings' is a story club for anyone who loves to tell stories (years K-1). 


Email your story to the virtual postbox here:        fledglingspostbox@outlook.com

Your story can be a picture or a poem. That's fine! 

Further details: 

'Fledglings' is designed to inspire young storytellers to take flight! All stories (pictures and/or text) are welcome and will receive a response. 

Please submit your story as a photo image.

Each school term, items will be chosen share on this website (no identifying details will appear unless requested). The aim is to celebrate the act of creating and imagining as a community. 

Any questions or suggestions? Email me at fledglingspostbox@outlook.com

Waiting on a response? The email 'postbox' will be attended to on Fridays.

Prefer more detail? Contact me at fledglingspostbox@outlook.com

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