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Fledglings story club


Did you know?

A fledgling is a young bird. It has hatched, has feathers and is learning to take flight. Life is very exciting for a fledgling as it begins to explore the world. A fledgling can grip a branch and flutter short distances. In the world of my imagination a fledgling is adventurous, energetic, curious and very brave.

Flower Garland 2

Take flight

In 2021 I had the privilege of reading many beautiful stories written by the youngest of school students via a homemade postbox at a local school. What a treasure trove that postbox was!

This year, I'm taking flight and expanding this initiative.


'Fledglings' is a story club for anyone who loves to tell stories (years K-2). 


Email your story to the virtual postbox here:

Your story can be a picture or a poem. That's fine! 

Further details: 

'Fledglings' is designed to inspire young storytellers to take flight! The aim is to celebrate the act of creating and imagining as a community. All stories (pictures and/or text) are welcome and will receive a personalised response.

Stories and/or images will only be displayed publicly on this website if written permission is provided.

Any questions or suggestions? Email me at

Waiting on a response? The email 'postbox' will be attended to on Fridays.

Prefer more detail on the program? Contact me at

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Fox with Balloons
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